Early September Fishing Report

By gre | September 15, 2010

GRE Fishing Report In spite of a unique windstorm through the Canyon a couple of weeks ago, we’re still in full swing fly-fishing the Gunnison Gorge and have just come off another fantastic two-day trip. The fishing was excellent all the way down to Boulder Garden where there was still some off-colored water in the…

Salmon Fly Hatch

By gre | June 8, 2010

Water temp is 53 degrees, slightly off color, with three feet visibility. river is runing at 699 cfs. Adult Stoneflies have been spotted all the way to the Pleasure Park, due to the warm weather and water temps. The Entrada Wall is fishing like a champ, with dry flies showing great success on the last…

May 31 Fishing Report Black Canyon of the Gunnison Gorge

By gre | May 31, 2010

On Saturday the Gunnison River Expeditions fishing guides that came off the river and reported: Clear water running 651 cfs, water temperature was 48. Nymphing was very productive in the first deep trough off the shallow shelves on the bank. In the afternoon there was a small caddis hatch and provided some dry fly action.…

By gre | May 26, 2010

www.gunnisonriverexpeditions.com Open dates June 11 June 26 We have the most available launches of all the river companies in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Gorge, launching every Monday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday.

By gre | May 26, 2010


Gunnison Gorge Fishing Report

By gre | May 20, 2010

www.gunnisonriverexpeditions.com It's looking  like the Gunnison River peak was May 17th and 18th. Today’s flows are 3270 cfs in the Gunnison Gorge with off color water. The river should stabilize by the 26th at  800 to 900 cfs, with the river clearing a couple of days before the flow stabilizes. The stoneflies should be on…

Gunnison Gorge Fishing Report: Salmon Fly Hatch of the Black Canyon

By gre | May 17, 2010

   We have a couple of dates still open on salmon fly hatch June 11. gunnisonriverexpeditions.com Crystal Dam releases will increase twice tomorrow, May 11th.  Starting at 8:00 a.m. releases will increase about 250 cfs with a second 250 cfs increase planned for 4:00 p.m.  Similar increases will take place each day until the peak release…

Gunnison River Expeditions Fly Fishing and Rafting

By gre | May 2, 2010

Gunnison River Expeditions offers guided fly fishing and Gunnison Gorge rafting trips on the Gunnison River. The Gold Medal water is famous for world class rainbow and brown trout fishing, the world famous stone fly hatch and gorgeous scenery. Big horn sheep, mule deer, river otters, peregrine falcon and eagles, add to your enjoyment as you travel through…