» Trip Roster and Liability Releases

Please return with your confirmation letter ASAP.

» Meeting Place

You will need to meet your guide at Gunnison River Pleasure Park around 6:00a.m. Gunnison River Expeditions will provide the transportation to Chukar Trail. The Chukar Trail hike to the river is 600 vertical feet, 1 mile long, and 20-30- minutes downhill, not a problem. Keep your packs light. Travel Lightly.

» Camp Meals

Meals are prepared on the river. Steak, chicken, rice and salad, Dutch oven cakes & breads. Breakfasts are light. Lunches are choice of roast beef, turkey and ham tortilla wraps with all the trimmings. Special dietary orders and/or allergies should be indicated on the roster sheet.

» Overnight Camping Gear Suggestions

Backpack or shoulder duffle, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. You will be sleeping on the ground in tents, so a sleeping pad will not only keep you more comfortable, but it will help keep you warm.

» Rental Gear

Gunnison River Expeditions has all necessary top quality equipment available to you for rent. Please include what you will need for rental equipment.

» Purchase Your Fishing License in Advance

All fishing is catch and release.You will be required to have a VALID COLORADO FISHING LICENSE, easily obtained at fly shops and /super markets throughout Colorado or click here to purchase your fishing license online.

» Rafting Gear Suggestions

The Gunnison Gorge section of The Black Canyon is rated class III-IV rapids. Life jackets are required. We provide them to you and they must be worn at all times while in the rafts. Wear shoes to hike in and get wet in. You will also need to have wool socks and/or neoprene booties or river sandals, brimmed hat, sunglasses, sun-screen, quick-drying clothing, waterproof jacket, camera, and water bottle.

» U.S. Bureau of Land Management Fees: Gunnison Gorge N.C.A

$5 per day for overnight trips (3 days+$15 person): Guests pay Gunnison River Expeditions in advance with their final payment, then Gunnison River Expeditions pays the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. (Gunnison River Expeditions pays 3% of the gross $$ per person to the U.S, Bureau of Land Management. As a use fee).

Overnight Float Fishing/Rafting Personal Gear List

» For Overnight Trips:

  • Backpack or shoulder duffle. We also supply a shoulder strap dry bag.
  • Sleeping bag and pad (available for rent)
  • Toilet articles, biodegradable soap, sunscreen, prescription medicines
  • Pocket knife ,flashlight, unbreakable drinking cup
  • Change of clothes, warm jacket or a sweater or fleece top
  • Brimmed hat, rain gear
  • Two (2) pair of shoes (one to hike and get wet in, one for in camp)
  • Camera & film, binoculars
  • Fishing Gear:
  • Remember, a current Colorado Fishing License is required!
  • 5, 6 or 7 wt. rods, 8’6” to 9’^” (available for rent), with Floating WF lines or DT lines.
  • 3X, 4X, 5X tippets and leaders, lead substitutes, strike indicators, fly floatants, which are all available at our local fly shops.
  • Vest, chest waders and felt sole wading boots (available for rent at Gunnison River Expeditions – no cleated boots please). You can wet wade comfortably from July 1st to September 1st.
  • Flies may be purchased on the river from the guides
  • Tying your own flies? Call us at 970-872-3232 for suggestions and current patterns.
  • Please remember, you will be carrying what you bring along on your back and in your hands for 1 mile down the Chukar Trail… but it’s worth it!!

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