2 Day - Jet Boat / Dory Fishing - Gunnison Gorge NCA

Love the full-day jet boat fishing trip? Do you have 2 days on the river?

This 12-mile, 2-day overnight trip is available March through October (weather permitting and water runoff clarity permitting).

Your trip will begin by jet boating 4 miles upriver with you fishing and overnight gear. You will spend the day float fishing and walk/wade fishing in the Wilderness Area of the Gunnison River.

In the evening, you'll camp at designated spots along the river. Enjoy a first-class wilderness experience and great cooking by our experienced river guides.

Your second day will be float/fishing a section of river that features a variety of insect hatches and impressive desert canyon scenery. You will be floating to Pleasure Park, if we need to stop restock get more ice, beverages.

The next 2 miles you'll fish private waters along beautiful limestone cliffs. This lower section is also great for bird watching. You might even catch a glimpse of 12,000-year-old petroglyphs!

After floating through the orchard section above Austin, your trip will conclude at our private take-out in Austin.