June 6th, the Bureau of Reclamation peeked the river at 7330 cfs. On June 7th and 8th they started bringing the river down to June 13th where it will stabilize at 3100 cfs. Reports coming off the river at the Gunnison River Pleasure Park are that they fishing has been good even though we have two feet of visibility with brown/green water at Chukar Trail. Gunnison River Expeditions launched trips on the 13th and 14th, and will be coming off in a few days with a new report. The fish will be moving back into grass and willows and into feeding lanes within a day or so. The stone fly patterns have been working well along with some Gunnison omelet, stone fly patterns, streamers, caddis, and may fly midges. For any other questions please call Gunnison River Expeditions at 970-874-8184.