Half Day - Jet Boat/ Dory Float Fishing - Gunnison Gorge NCA

This trip is the most unique and exciting float fishing trip on the Gunnison River. You'll be taken in the Gunnison Gorge in a jet boat, where you will fish Gold Medal waters surrounded by the most spectacular scenery. This service is typically available March through November, weather permitting.

The Jet Boat trip is great experience for all levels of anglers. It's also well-suited for people who are less mobile and can’t do a lot of hiking. The comfort of a dory makes is easier for everyone to fish.

Anglers must have a reservation for the jet boat guided trip. This trip has limited availability and Pleasure Park is the only permit holder. So book with us early to secure your trip.

The jet boat service is just a morning service, running from 6:00 a.m. til 8:00 a.m. Timing will fluctuate with the season and daylight hours.

You'll board the jet boat with all your fishing gear for the day. The jet boat will take you up 4 miles to the Smith Fork drop-off. Once there, you will get into a dory with a professional fly fishing guide who will take you on your fishing adventure. Your trip takes you into the Gunnison Gorge where you will see the famous rock cliff walls of Gunnison Gorge canyon.

All anglers must sign a liability waiver due to some risk on outdoor activities.