2 Day - Scenic Rafting (Class I and II)- Dominguez-Escalante NCA

The start of Escalante NCA gives not indication of the beauty to come. A few mile in, the walls rise and the magic of the protected area becomes apparent. Escalante-Dominquez NCA gives rafters a prime view of walls that rise to 8,000-plus feet. This stretch of the Gunnison is a relaxing float with one Class II rapid.

This section is great for rafters of all ages. Abundant wildlife and bird watching, 52 protected species of animals and plants. Points of interest: Native Americans inscriptions and petroglyphs on canyon walls. The scenic canyons and mesas carved in sandstone, cascading streams, waterfalls, spectacular geologic features, orchards. The crown jewel of this run is the spectacular waterfall hike at the Big Dominquez Creek.

Rafters that want a little more adventure we bring single kayaks, double kayaks, and paddle boards on this trip.

This stretch starts at Escalante Boat Ramp at 7223 650 Rd. Depending on where you are driving from, we either meet you at Escalante Boat Ramp to save drive time, or we will meet at Pleasure Park and then drive to the Escalante boat ramp.

Camping and relaxing along the river and rafting to the Whitewater take-out. This is a 39 mile trip and shuttling back to vehicle location.